Learning GIS can be tough, especially when you don’t know where things are located. This list is an attempt to help find properties, options, and menus when you are not sure which one to look in.

change something about my map as a whole. Specifically, I want to...

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change the default name “Layers” to something more meaningful.

Called: Name

change the units displayed in the lower right corner of ArcMap.

Called: Display Units

keep my map from zooming in/out, panning, or both.

Called: Extent

clip my display to a polygon without actually clipping all my layers.

Called: Clipping
This is a way to clip the display. It should not be confused with the geoprocessing tool, Clip.

change the coordinate system of my data frame.

learn more about the data in an attribute table. Specifically, I want to...

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select features based upon the attributes in the table

Called: Select by Attribute

find out the sum or average of all the [selected] values in a table

Called: Statistics