Polyline Polylineicon GeodatabaseFeatureClassLine32 A spatial file. Contains only polylines.
Green = shapefile; Blue = feature class
Polygon Polygonicon GeodatabaseFeatureClassPolygon32 A spatial file. Contain only polygons.
Green = shapefile; Blue = feature class
Point Pointicon GeodatabaseFeatureClassPoint32 A spatial file. Contains only points.
Green = shapefile; Blue = feature class
Triangulated Irregular Network (TIN) TINFile32 A vector representation of elevation over a landscape
Network Dataset FileNetworkDataset32 GeodatabaseNetworkDataset32 Network Datasets are used to create complex analysis of transportation networks utilizing detailed attributes regarding how each feature interacts with the others.
Green = outside geodatabase; Black = inside geodatabase
Raster (Image file) FileRasterGridBand32 Rastericon Any image file. May or may not be associated with spatial data.
Yellow = outside geodatabase; Blue = inside geodatabase
Geodatabase Databaseicon The biggest “container” for spatial data. Can contain vector or raster data.
Feature Dataset Featuredataseticon A container for similar vector files. Can contain points, lines, or polygons (not rasters).
Raster Catalog Rasterdataseticon Collections of rasters which are organized and defined by a key. Can not contain vectors.
Topology GeodatabaseTopology32 A GIS topology is a set of rules and behaviors that model how points, lines, and polygons share coincident geometry.
Excel Table Exceltableicon Excel table. Contains non-spatial data. Often is ‘joined’ or ‘related’ to spatial data.
Other Data Table (various kinds) Tableicon TableINFO32 Tables without the specific .xls file extension. May contain non-spatial numeric or text data, or may contain numeric data associated with a spatial object. Tables are not specifically spatial, but often make up a crucial part of spatial data.
Other Icons
Text File Text File32 Text files are used for any sort of textual or paragraph data storage, such as metadata (information about the spatial data) or methods/other notes. While ArcGIS can read text files, they do not serve any sort of analysis purpose for us.